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New National Anthem, new Tune

admin August 2nd, 2007

The tune composed by veteran musician and lyricist Amber Gurung has been finalised for the new National Anthem in a meeting of council of Ministers.

Total of six compositions were presented, out of which three were by Gurung, one by Nhyu Bajracharya and one each by the Nepal Police and Nepal Army. Gurung’s tune was asserted as the best for the National Anthem by the council of ministers.

“Sayaun Thunga Phoolka Hami Eutai Mala Nepali” by Byakul Maila was approved as the new national anthem on November 30 2006 but later it was declared void by the restored House of Representatives on May 18.

The previous national anthem “Shreeman Gambhira Nepali…” was written by Chakrapani Chalise and composed by Bakhatbir Budhapirthi which was adopted in 1899.

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