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Some people just can’t take it

admin August 8th, 2007

To shape up this site, everyday we are trying to include something new…. either news or some other columns. Yesterday we included a poll and today we received a tremendous numbers of votes. Hummm… we were surprised to receive so many votes in a day. But the funny part was the number of votes were higher then the number of site visitors. Later we tracked the ip and came to know that 68 of the votes were from the same person/ip within a time frame of three mins.

What a way to oppose………… some people just can’t resist.

Anyway we have removed those 68 invalid counts and now we have restricted to one vote per ip per poll to come up with better results. Whoever was it, thank you for showing us the path to let a person vote once only.

2 Responses to “Some people just can’t take it”

  1. Puspa Niroulaon 09 Aug 2007 at 3:45 am

    Hi All
    Great to hear about the increasing number of site visitor as well as new stuffs which is added frequently on its site.
    Today I saw Nepali calendar which is good effort but could you also provide English date for our ease.
    Keep up good work!
    Puspa Niroula

  2. boboon 11 Aug 2007 at 4:26 pm

    now u don’t have any solution for my previous comments, do u ? whatever u think? i am sure this site won’t last. because they just want the publicity and get commissions. we know how nepalese are behaving in singpaore. don’t we?

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