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Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore!

admin August 9th, 2008

Once again….. Happy Birthday Singapore !!

National day, the day nation was born….. Each and every citizen feels proud, the time to share the moments of joy. But let us also join the celebration of Singapore’s birthday. We are also a part of this birthday as we too are living in this country and it’s a moment of joy for all of us.

Today Singapore is centre of attraction in every aspect, whether its business or culture, technology or security system. Singapore has the history of only 42 years but within this period it has reached the peak. We all should be proud, whether we are Singaporean or foreigners, that country like Singapore exists in this same globe we are living. The creator should be overwhelmed that a country like Singapore is also a part of the same earth. Though the country is small in size it has been able to keep the pace with larger countries.

We salute to those path finders who have guided this nation to this remarkable destiny.

Singapore should be proud that she has given birth to heroic sons who have contributed for the nation in every possibilities for its citizens to stand tall. The greatest achievement of Singapore is that she has kept the people from all around the world under one roof by building a multi-cultural society without any discrimination. We heartily salute Singapore.

We being a Nepalese emphasize that Nepal has a lot to learn from Singapore and should take her as reference to reach the silver line and achieve the real goal. Nepal needs to plan, build and implement the systems to build the nation in the super fast track. Then we will have more pride being a Nepali.

Hoping that all the Nepalese will move a step ahead hand in hand to create another heavenly country….. let us all wish once again a Very Happy Birthday to Singapore!

 PS- Above is the write up that we wrote on 9th August 2007.

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