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Nepal Decides: Analysis

admin April 14th, 2008

Wondering how the elections went and what happens now? Get in-depth analysis from Nepal on a brand new podcast/online radio!

Listen to the Podcasts:

Play the Podcast Conversation with Prashant Jha

Conversation with Prashant Jha, Contributing Editor, Himal Southasian, talks about The Maoist wins, The Media’s Mistake, the Madeshi Vote and what after India’s “Plan A”? (12 April 2008)

Play the Podcast Conversation with Kunda Dixit & Subel Bhandari

Looking Ahead After The Elections with Kunda Dixit, Editor, Nepali Times (10 April 2008)
Subel Bhandari, Nepal Correspondent, Agence France Presse, talks  about the Electronic Voting Machine, the King Becoming Vegetarian, The Youth Votes and Gagan Thapa (10 April 2008)

We hope you enjoyed the podcasts and got an unique and diverse perspective on Nepal’s current affairs. Thank you. Happy New Year 2065!!

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