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Chaite Dasain

admin March 26th, 2008

Chaite DashainChaite Dasain - 26th March 2008
Chaite Dasain used to be the original day of the grand Dasain festival. It is said that the main Dashain festival was celebrated in this month. But at that time people couldn’t spare their time for celebrating this great festival because of everyone being busy in harvesting crops. So, they shifted the grand Dashain festival in the month of Sept- Oct as most of the people are almost free from farming works. Some people even beleive, because people got their stomachs upset after feasting on spicy food during the warm month of Chaitra, the grand celebration was shifted to the cooler season. But the religious fervor is still evident in the celebrations of the day. People celebrate Chaite Dashain by worshiping & sacrificing buffalo, goat, cock, duck to the goddess Durga throughout the country.

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