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अनेसास मलेसियाको प्रतिभा श्रृङ्खला -७ सम्पन्न

admin August 17th, 2008

16 Aug 2008

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Janai Purnima & Gai Jatra

admin August 16th, 2008

Janai Purnima & Gai JatraJanai Purnima
August 16, 2008 - Janai Purnima
Janai purnima, the full moon day in August every year, the day that our priests tie the sacred rakshya around our wrist is known as Sacred Thread Festival. On this day Hindu men, especially the Brahmans and Chettris perform their annual change of Janai. According to Hindu rules the cord must be changed without fail by a Brahman on this day.

On Janai Purnima, there is a big mela (religious fair) at Kumbeshwor lake in Lalitpur. Devotees come here to worship Lord Mahadev and to tie a knot around their wrists.

A legend in Nepal says that long ago a devotee, while bathing in Goshaikund lake, dropped his brass in water. Sometime later, it miraculously appeared in Kumbeshwar Pond in Patan. People believe that the vessel made its way from the mountain lake through some underground river into Kumbeshwar Pond, a belief given further support by the fact that the water of the Patan Pond remains abnormally cold throughout the year. On Janai Purnima day thousands of devotees, unable to make the long mountain trek to Gosaikund, are content to bathe at Kumbeshwar.

This ospicious day is also know as Raksha Bandhan as Raksha (eternal protection) is tied round the wrist, the same which bound the arm of the mighty Bali, King of the Danavas.

Gai JatraAugust 17, 2008- Gai Jatra
The festival of “Gai Jatra”, the procession of cows, is celebrated in the Nepali month of Bhadra (August-September) on the next day of Janai Purnima. This festival of cows is one of the most popular festivals of Kathmandu valley.

According to the traditions, every family who has lost a relative during that past year participates in a procession through the streets leading a cow. If a cow is unavailable, a young boy dressed as a cow is substituted. Continue Reading »

Official Opening of Gazals at Kantipur

admin August 10th, 2008

Anand Karki and group live gazals in Singapore

Singapore, August 10, NS report -
Kantipur Tandoori Restaurant today celebrated the grand opening of the Live Nepali and Hindi Gazals cum music with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The event was chaired by Mr. Amar Pradhan Chitrakar, President of NRN Singapore and Nepalese Society of Singapore along Bishow Giri the proprietor of Kantipur Tandoori Restaurant. Together they both amidst the ceremony by lighting the traditional panas. Mr. Chitrakar cut the ribbon to officially lead the Singers and Musicians to the stage.

Anand Karki and group live gazals in Singapore

The opening ceremony was followed by Live music from our popular singer Anand Karki and group. Singer Karki, Aarti Adhikari and Jai Sribastab entertained the crowd with various new and old Nepali and Hindi songs. Around a hundred of Nepalese expatriates/families in Singpore were specialy invited to celebrate this ospicious occasion along with buffet lunch.

Anand Karki, one of the top singers Continue Reading »

Connect to Nepal and enjoy discout in Nepali Food

admin August 9th, 2008

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Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore!

admin August 9th, 2008

Once again….. Happy Birthday Singapore !!

National day, the day nation was born….. Each and every citizen feels proud, the time to share the moments of joy. But let us also join the celebration of Singapore’s birthday. We are also a part of this birthday as we too are living in this country and it’s a moment of joy for all of us.

Today Singapore is centre of attraction in every aspect, whether its business or culture, technology or security system. Singapore has the history of only 42 years but within this period it has reached the peak. We all should be proud, whether we are Singaporean or foreigners, that country like Singapore exists in this same globe we are living. The creator should be overwhelmed that a country like Singapore is also a part of the same earth. Though the country is small in size it has been able to keep the pace with larger countries.

We salute to those Continue Reading »