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Singapore’s 42nd National Day Highlights

Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore!

admin August 9th, 2007

National day, the day nation was born….. Each and every citizen feels proud, the time to share the moments of joy. But let us also join the celebration of Singapore’s birthday. We are also a part of this birthday as we too are living in this country and it’s a moment of joy for all of us.

Today Singapore is centre of attraction in every aspect, whether its business or culture, technology or security system. Singapore has the history of Continue Reading »

Some people just can’t take it

admin August 8th, 2007

To shape up this site, everyday we are trying to include something new…. either news or some other columns. Yesterday we included a poll and today we received a tremendous numbers of votes. Hummm… we were surprised to receive so many votes in a day. But the funny part was the number of votes were higher then the number of site visitors. Continue Reading »

Listen to New National Anthem of Nepal

admin August 7th, 2007

Now you can listen to New National Anthem of Nepal, download it and even make it your ring tone in your mobile. Please feel free to download the New National Anthem of Nepal; Play it every moment and be proud to be Nepali.

Click here to download Naya Rastriye Geet

Mail from NRN requesting to Help flood victims

admin August 6th, 2007

Dear Friends,

Greetings from NRNA!

Our Nepali brothers and sisters especially those living in the Terai districts are undergoing through tremendous difficulties. The nature has once again exhibited its devastating side. The floods have inundated many Terai districts from west to east. According to the latest news about 100 persons have lost their lives and thousands of families have been rendered homeless. Continue Reading »

Support for Flood Victims !

admin August 4th, 2007

Dear All,
We all are aware about the recent flood and damages in Nepal. Many of our countrymen are displaced and suffered, homes and properties are washed away by the flood. Though, we can not recover the loses, but we can definately help them to move along with life.

Please help us to generate a fund that can be sent to Nepal for flood victims by donating as you can. The donations are being collected at the following places/person until 15 August 2007. Continue Reading »

New National Anthem, new Tune

admin August 2nd, 2007

The tune composed by veteran musician and lyricist Amber Gurung has been finalised for the new National Anthem in a meeting of council of Ministers.

Total of six compositions were presented, out of which three were by Gurung, one by Nhyu Bajracharya and Continue Reading »

For Rent: Flats & Rooms

admin August 1st, 2007

Welcome to the section “Rental: Flats & Rooms.” This section is to assist all our community people for comfort in housing matters in Singapore. If you have a house or rooms to rent out then please e-mail us your house/room details along with the location, rental, contact details and all other essential details at similarly if you are looking for a flat or room to rent then please post your requirement details below in the comments of this section. We will try our best to match and meet your housing requirements. We hope to do our best to help you !!

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