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कुवेतको बेश्यालयमा बेचिएकी नेपाली चेलीको उद्धार

admin March 14th, 2010

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Ex-princess Himani leaves for Singapore

admin July 17th, 2008

Ex-Princess Himani leaves for SingaporeEx-princess Himani along with her three children, boarded a Silk Air flight to Singapore today afternoon.

Police escorted Himani to Tribhuwan International Airport.

Sixteen-days after her husband ex-crown prince Paras Shah came to Singapore, former princess Himani Shah today headed to Singapore to join her husband.

Former crown prince Paras Shah, who kept low profile in Singapore, came here on July 1 to find a good school for his children and home for his wife.

Singapore schooling for Paras, Himani’s kids

admin July 1st, 2008

Former Crown Prince Paras is travelling to Singapore today to identify a good school to educate his three kids here.

Sources close to Paras told The Himalayan Times yesterday that the former heir to the throne decided to move his three children and wife Himani to Singapore as the situation in Nepal is not conducive right now. “He will be travelling to Singapore as a commoner on a normal Nepali passport,” the sources pointed out.

Paras had stopped sending his children, Purnika and Hridayendra, to Rupy International School, two months ago. “Security is a big issue. With the government having withdrawn security after May 28 declaration, Paras is paranoid about the safety of his family,” said the sources, adding that during his stay in Singapore Paras would identify a good school for his children and also locate a service apartment.

“Paras will be in Singapore for Continue Reading »

A Candid Conversation with Constituent Assembly Member Gagan Thapa (NC)

admin May 30th, 2008

On Wednesday, 28 May 2008, Nepal became the world’s newest republic.  After hours of delay, at 11:30PM, the Constituent Assembly elected through the Constituent Assembly Election on 10 April proposed and passed the motion to declare Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic.  To speak to us about that, and many other issues, Constituent Assembly member Gagan Thapa joins us for an exclusive conversation.

Listen to the Podcasts:

Play the Podcast Exclusive conversation with Gagan Thapa

We hope you enjoyed the podcasts. Thank you.

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Nepal Decides: Analysis

admin April 14th, 2008

Wondering how the elections went and what happens now? Get in-depth analysis from Nepal on a brand new podcast/online radio!

Listen to the Podcasts:

Play the Podcast Conversation with Prashant Jha

Conversation with Prashant Jha, Contributing Editor, Himal Southasian, talks about The Maoist wins, The Media’s Mistake, the Madeshi Vote and what after India’s “Plan A”? (12 April 2008)

Play the Podcast Conversation with Kunda Dixit & Subel Bhandari

Looking Ahead After The Elections with Kunda Dixit, Editor, Nepali Times (10 April 2008)
Subel Bhandari, Nepal Correspondent, Agence France Presse, talks  about the Electronic Voting Machine, the King Becoming Vegetarian, The Youth Votes and Gagan Thapa (10 April 2008)

We hope you enjoyed the podcasts and got an unique and diverse perspective on Nepal’s current affairs. Thank you. Happy New Year 2065!!

The above Podcasts are brought to you in association with

Nepal’s 1st Low-cost Airlines Begins Operation

admin January 23rd, 2008

Yeti Airlines International crew welcoming passangers on the Inaugural flight to Kuala LampurInaugural flight KTM to KL
Yeti Airlines International, a joint venture between Yeti Airlines and Air Arabia, began international flights from Wednesday (23 Jan 2008), with its inaugural flight taking off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this morning.

The airline, which is also known as, is scheduled to operate three flights a week to Kuala Lumpur and thrice-weekly flights to Sharjah, using a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. It is the first Nepali low-cost carrier and the first to have foreign investment scheduled.

Speaking at a function held to inaugurate its flights, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prithivi Subba Gurung said its operation will help to provide easy connections to Nepali working abroad and several more tourists to visit Nepal.

Lila Mani Poudel, secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, asked the airline to provide better services to the Nepali workers with good and respectful treatment.

“Many airlines which say they provide Continue Reading »

NRN N-American Coordinating Council Reorganized

admin December 21st, 2007

Press Release received from Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Secretariat

December 20, 2007 - Non Resident Nepalis North American Coordinating Committee (NRNNACC) has been reorganized under the co-chairmanship of Mr. Suman R. Timsina (PA) and Mr. Ratan K. Jha (TX). The committee also includes Mr. Abhijeet Shrestha (CA), Mr. Anjan Shrestha (TX), Dr. Binod Shah (NY) and Mr. Raja Ghale (GA) as Vice Chairs. There are additional 34 representatives from various regions of North America. Currently there is a vacant position of a Vice Chair from Canada and will be announced soon.

NRNNACC will address NRN issues Continue Reading »

The Lucky Folk!

admin December 1st, 2007

Mini Nepal’s Khana Khajana Restaurant had a special promotion throughout Dasain & Tihar in which there was a lucky draw program entitling “Air Ticket to Nepal.”  The slogan of the promotion was “Dine in at Khana Khajana and WIN Air ticket to Nepal.”

And the lucky winner of the Air Ticket was Mr. Dipendra Rajbhandari, student of Systematic Institute. Congratulations to Mr. Dipendra!!

Mrs. Puja Shrestha presenting the Air ticket to Lucky winner Mr. Dipendra Rajbhandari

MD of Mini Nepal Pte. Ltd. Mrs Puja Shrestha presenting the Air Ticket to the Winner.

Leonid Meteor Shower on Monday

admin November 16th, 2007

There will be a meteor shower in the early morning hours of November 19. The Leonid meteor shower named after the constellation Leo will be seen as bright shooting stars in maximum number in the north-east sky.

Experts have predicted that as many as 15 to 20 meteors could be seen per hour. “But meteor showers are notorious for defying predictions,” said Suresh Bhattarai of the Nepal Astronomical Society (NASo).

“It could either be 30 to 40 or less than ten in number,” he said. Leonids are annual and they are seen in mid-November, but the number of meteors vary every year.

A meteor shower is the result of an interaction between earth and Comets that are like ‘dirty snowballs’ made up of ice and rock, orbiting the sun. Each time a comet swings by sun in its orbit, some of its ice melts and it sheds a large amount of debris. As the debris streams from the comet, it forms the comet’s visible tail. Meteor shower is seen if the earth travels parallel to this stream.

“The best time to watch the shower will be Continue Reading »

Silkair to fly direct SIN-KTM

admin September 27th, 2007

Silkair now flies direct to mystical Nepal

From 30th October, there will be no need for stopovers because Silkair will be flying direct from Singapore to Kathmandu. Days of flight operation are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the flight will be only 5 hours and 10 mins journey. From Singapore, the flight will take off at 09:10 (Singapore time) and will land in Kathmandu at 12:05 (Nepali time), similarly the same day, from Kathmandu it will fly at 13:05 (Nepali time) and reach Singapore at 20:15 (Singapore time).  So the flight is shorter and the timings are also convenient.

Voted Best Regional Airlines by TTG Asia 2006, Silkair has released the promotional HOT DEAL fares from SGD600.00++ for return trip on economy class per person for minimum two passengers travelling together. Thanks to Silkair for starting direct flights between Singapore and Nepal.

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